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Mon Oct 11 21:34:01 PDT 2010


FYI, the date submitted is a partial match, so some useful ranges are
possible. For examples:
For all errata submitted this year, search Date Submitted: 2010.
For all errata submitted last month, search Date Submitted: 2010-09.

Thank you for the detailed suggestions. However, at this time, we
believe it is a higher priority to improve the search functionality of
the RFC search engine (http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfcsearch.html). The
usefulness and the potential audience of an improved/modernized RFC
search engine seems more beneficial than improving the errata
search engine.

Thank you.

RFC Production Center

On Fri, Oct 01, 2010 at 09:15:43AM +0200, Alfred H?nes wrote:
> RFC Errata have become commonplace, and a substantial amount
> of new Errata reports is filed now continuously.
> Therefore, it becomes more and more important to be able to look
> for "recent" Errata reports, for some definition of "recent",
> in an efficient manner.  Verifiers might also be particularly
> interested in "old" reports, for some definition of "old".
> To achieve this end in a flexible manner, I suggest to amend the
> search options to the RFC Errata Search page,
>    <http://www.RFC-Editor.ORG/errata_search.php> :
> o  allow to specify a search interval by Errata ID;
>    this could be managed by offering "exact match" and "range match"
>    alternatives, or in an integrated UI offering "from" and "to"
>    EID fields, with two additional special values for the latter:
>    "undefined" for implied exact match (i.e. "to" == "from") and
>    "unlimited" or "infinity" for open-ended search;
> o  allow to specify a search range by date (with similar details as
>    above); I'd also suggest to allow the type of date either to be
>    selected explicitly (date submitted / date of verification action /
>    date last modified) or -- less preferable and less flexible --
>    implicitly based on the "Status" selection (Status "All/Any" -->
>    date search is by submission date, specific Status --> date search
>    is by date of transition to that state).
> As before, these new/modified search criteria would be applied in
> parallel to other criteria specified (AND of all conditions).
> Kind regards,
>   Alfred H?nes.
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