[rfc-i] Enhancement proposal for RFC Errata Search

Alfred Hönes ah at TR-Sys.de
Fri Oct 1 00:15:43 PDT 2010

RFC Errata have become commonplace, and a substantial amount
of new Errata reports is filed now continuously.
Therefore, it becomes more and more important to be able to look
for "recent" Errata reports, for some definition of "recent",
in an efficient manner.  Verifiers might also be particularly
interested in "old" reports, for some definition of "old".

To achieve this end in a flexible manner, I suggest to amend the
search options to the RFC Errata Search page,
   <http://www.RFC-Editor.ORG/errata_search.php> :

o  allow to specify a search interval by Errata ID;
   this could be managed by offering "exact match" and "range match"
   alternatives, or in an integrated UI offering "from" and "to"
   EID fields, with two additional special values for the latter:
   "undefined" for implied exact match (i.e. "to" == "from") and
   "unlimited" or "infinity" for open-ended search;

o  allow to specify a search range by date (with similar details as
   above); I'd also suggest to allow the type of date either to be
   selected explicitly (date submitted / date of verification action /
   date last modified) or -- less preferable and less flexible --
   implicitly based on the "Status" selection (Status "All/Any" -->
   date search is by submission date, specific Status --> date search
   is by date of transition to that state).

As before, these new/modified search criteria would be applied in
parallel to other criteria specified (AND of all conditions).

Kind regards,
  Alfred Hönes.


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