[rfc-i] DOIs

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Tue Jan 26 18:24:37 PST 2010

Henning Schulzrinne wrote:
> I don't know where you work, and this may well be more of a US/North
> American thing than a European one (although Springer, being more of a
> European publisher, uses them for their journals, too), but they are
> pretty standard currency in academic research, which is presumably the
> area where long-term-useful citations matter.

As a US academic researcher, I have *never ever* been asked for a DOI. I
put some in some links on my pubs web page because I was given them by a
publisher, but *never* linked to them (via dx.doi.org), and never use
them for anything.

That includes books, journals, conferences and patents, FWIW.


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