[rfc-i] Recently published .txt versions of historical RFCs

Alfred =?hp-roman8?B?SM5uZXM=?= ah at TR-Sys.de
Sun Jan 10 11:44:40 PST 2010

Many thanks to the RFC Editor team for a new big effort in the
RFC Online project, resulting in posting (last week) of 33 TXT
versions of early/historical RFCs that so far only have been
available in PDF (facsimile) form, or -- in one case: RFC 254 --
not available online at all.

This means that there are only 11 early RFCs remaining without
a TXT version corresponding to the published PDF facsimile.
(Curious?  Here are the #s: 8,9,51,97,320,418,530,551,588,598,669.)

According to my records, the remaining notable deficiencies in the
RFC repository now are only the following:

  -  RFC 500 ... still missed, I conclude from to the remark on

  -  RFC 636 \  both (.txt) files in the repository are truncated
  -  RFC 962 /  inadvertently at the end and hence incomplete.

Has anybody on rfc-interest a complete version of one of these RFCs
available?  In particular, I recently have seen a reference to
RFC 962; if that's serious and not only some vague recollection,
the memo should be available somewhere, not only its first page!
Please also note that on the above web page, the RFC Editor called
out for better versions of RFC 8 and RFC 598 (in my list in (1)).

If these deficiencies cannot be fixed, it would be nice to place a
specific note indicating the particular status issue of these memos
on the corresponding "RFC Info" pages,

In particular, the current version of
is a bit confusing, with a broken link to the (missing) .txt file.

Kind regards,
  Alfred HÎnes.


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