[rfc-i] RFC 5741 document header [was: do not publish ...]

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Thu Jan 7 05:29:14 PST 2010

Alfred � wrote:
> ...
> I strongly suspect that the line length limits would not only cause
> problems for xml2rfc, but also for the production nroff in use.
> Given that the balance is disturbed anyway by not having an acronym
> for "Independent Submisison", I suggest that the [Transitional-]RSE
> make use of his authority and back out the added parenthetical
> acronyms instead.
> ...


thanks for the history.

I support that change, if and only if we can combine this one and other 
boilerplate changes into a single bigger change, with an easy to detect 
cutover date.

That being said, if the tools are supposed to be able to re-create 
historical documents (and so far they do), they'll have to deal with the 
current format as well.

Thus, again, how about making changes to the boilerplate if and only if 
the tools are in place to produce them?

Best regards, Julian

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