[rfc-i] What, never!?

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Tue Feb 16 10:59:40 PST 2010

As you know, RFCs never change once published.  However, the RFC-online 
process, that has been re-entering the "lost" early RFCs, brings up an 

We recently got an Errata report for RFC 68, an RFC-online document that 
has been restored. We have generally tried hard to avoid NEW errors 
creeping into the restored documents, but in the case of RFC 68 we failed.

Policy: an errata report for an error that existed in the original 
version of a restored RFC will be retained as an erratum and the error 
will be left in the repository.  However, if the errata report specifies 
a transcription error that was added during restoration of the document 
online, then the RFC Editor will change the restored document to remove 
the transcription error.

Thus, the RFC Editor will fix RFC 68 and delete the corresponding errata 

Bob Braden
Acting RFC Series Editor

Gilbert & Sullivan: "What, never!? No, never!  What, never!? ..."

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