[rfc-i] "canonical" URI for RFCs, BCPs

"Martin J. Dürst" duerst at it.aoyama.ac.jp
Tue Feb 2 21:29:06 PST 2010

On 2010/02/02 2:43, Joe Touch wrote:

> If I cite the .txt version today, and some time in the future this is
> revised to be .qrp, *today* I am still citing only the .txt version.
> I.e., the response should never change or be context sensitive, so it's
> OK for the URL to be that specific.

Usually when I cite an RFC, I'm interested in the content, not in the 
technology that helps me getting at it. I'd assume this is the case for 
most citations of RFCs; exceptions are really difficult to imagine.
[Anybody know an RFC that has a particularly beautiful or otherwise 
noteworthy textual layout?]

I'd also cite specific parts of an RFC by section numbers rather than by 
page and line. I don't remember having seen a citation by page and line 
ever, but there may be some, somewhere.

Regards,    Martin.

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