[rfc-i] Glenn Kowack now formally RFC Series Editor (RSE)

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Tue Apr 20 08:13:01 PDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce that Bob Braden and Glenn Kowack have completed the handoff of the RFC Series Editor (RSE) role on schedule. Effective yesterday, 19 April, Glenn is now formally the RSE.  Bob will continue in an advisory role, providing invaluable knowledge and experience under contract through 30 June.  And, of course, Glenn continues performing his transitional duties of evaluating and redefining the RSE position.

Before Glenn took up his responsibilities on March 1, we arranged for Bob to continue wearing the official RSE hat until yesterday, to permit Glenn to focus on getting up to speed.  Since then, he, Bob, and Sandy Ginoza have worked diligently to complete this transition, and have been working jointly on RSE issues.  During this period, Glenn attended IETF #77 in Anaheim, and met with RFC Editorial staff, other AMS staff, and the RFC Series Advisory Group (RSAG), among others.  He also completed a first round of interviews with many of us, and reports excellent support and candor, for which I thank you.

After 30 June, Bob Braden will continue his involvement in the series through the RSAG, of which he is already a member.  This approach, and the strong cooperation of all the players, is permitting a seamless transition and maintaining the continuity of the RFC Series.  With the completion of this formal appointment, the RFC Editor model advances yet another step.

For the IAB,

Olaf Kolkman
IAB Chair.

For more information see e.g. 
- RFC5620: The RFC Editor Model (version 1)
- The Statement of Work from http://iaoc.ietf.org/docs/Transitional-RSE-SOW.pdf

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