[rfc-i] Call for Nomination: RFC Series Editor

Olaf Kolkman olaf at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Jun 9 14:33:06 PDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) seeks nominations for the
position of an RFC Series Editor (RSE).  The appointee's term will
begin on January 1, 2010.  The IAB desires a lengthy relationship with
a successful candidate and would like to structure a 5 year term with
a performance review at the 2 year point and renewal for 3 additional
years for successful performance as RSE in an RFC Editor model.  The
position is open to all with the requisite knowledge, skills and
experience.  The position is not limited to current participants in
the Internet Engineering Task Force.  The incumbent is Bob Braden, who
is not seeking another appointment.

The RSE is responsible for:

  1.  Identifying appropriate steps for RFC Series continuity

  2.  Exercising executive-level management over the implementation of
      policies, processes and procedures established to ensure the
      quality and consistency for the RFC Series.  The RFC Series
      Editor will work with the RSAG, and, where appropriate, the IAB
      and IAOC to develop, new policy and see that contractual
      agreements are met.

  3.  Taking proposed changes to the community, and working with the
      IAB so that the IAB can ensure that there is sufficient community
      review before significant policies or policy changes are adopted.

  4.  Coordinating with IAB and/or IAOC, and together with the IAB
      and/or IAOC participating in reviews of the RFC Publisher, RFC
      Publication Center, and Independent Stream Editor functions to
      ensure the above mentioned continuity.

  5.  Developing, maintaining, and publishing the RFC Style Manual
      for use by authors, editors, the stream managers, the RFC
      Production Center and the RFC Publisher.  publication for use
      by authors, editors, and the RFC publisher.

  6.  Managing the RFC errata process.

  7.  Liaising with the IAB.

  8.  Overseeing consistency of RFCs with the RFC Series and RFC Style

http://iaoc.ietf.org/rfced-procurement.html contains a job description for
this and the
other functions which, together, compose the RFC Editor as described in

In general, applicants may propose changes to the RSE job description.

The RFC Series Editor is a senior technology professional with the
following qualifications:

  1.  Strong understanding of the IETF and RFC process.

  2.  Executive management experience suitable to managing the
      requirements outlined elsewhere in this document and the many
      aspects of this role and to coordinating the overall RFC Editor

  3.  Good understanding of the English language and technical
      terminology related to the Internet.

  4.  Good communication skills.

  5.  Experience with editorial processes.

  6.  Independent worker.

  7.  Experience as an RFC author desired.

Nominations are to be submitted to: RSE-Nom at ietf.org in txt format no
later than 8 July 2009 in the form of the package described below.
Individuals may nominate themselves.  The names of all people who
declare themselves willing to serve will be made public on the
ietf-announce at ietf.org and rfc-interest at ietf.org lists after the
end of the solicitation period.  The plan is to post the list of
willing candidates on 13 July 2009.

A nomination package shall consist of:

1. Details about the candidate's background and qualifications for the

2. Explanation of one's view of the role

3. Recommendations to change the position description, if any

4. Thoughts about staffing support requirements, if any

5. Name and contact information for each candidate.

The list of nominated persons will be made public prior to making a
decision, allowing time for the community to pass any relevant

Interviews will be conducted in person at the IETF 75 meeting in
Stockholm and/or by teleconference before and after the meeting.
Interviews will be conducted by members of an Advisory Committee
appointed by the IAB.  Presence in Stockholm will be at the
individual's own expense. Attendance in Stockholm is optional and will
not be used in the selection criteria.

The Advisory Committee may conduct testing of the candidate performing
the role of the RSE.

The Advisory Committee will submit RSE nominees with its
recommendations to the IAB for its selection and appointment of an RFC
Series Editor.


   8 Jun - IAB calls for nominations for RSE position
   8 Jul - Nominations close
   13 Jul - Nominees announced; community input solicited
   23 Jul - Communty input ends
   26 Jul - 14 Aug IAB appointed Advisory Committee conducts interviews
   18 Aug - Advisory Committee recommends individuals to IAB for 
            RSE position
   15 Sep - IAB appoints RSE 
   15 Oct - Agreement Executed with IAD for compensation and expenses
   15 Oct - Transition begins
   1 Jan - Appointments take effect


Compensation will be provided commensurate with the qualification of
the successful candidate.  A budget will be established and expenses
provided in negotiations with the IETF Administrative Oversight
Committee, as represented by the IETF Administrative
Director. Compensation and expenses will be provided during the period
of transition, as needed.

On Behalf of the IAB,

Olaf Kolkman
IAB Chair

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