[rfc-i] Using LaTeX & BibTeX to cite RFCs

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Sun Aug 30 12:05:26 PDT 2009

>>>>> "RJ" == RJ Atkinson <rja at extremenetworks.com> writes:
    >> We don't have the 'stream of origin' info for older RFCs, and we
    >> don't even have a status for many of them. I don't think we want
    >> to see 'Legacy, Unknown' in the citations, even if you see them
    >> in the index.

    RJ> I agree with respect to the older RFCs.

    >> As far as this info does exist, it could certainly be embedded in
    >> the full BibTeX citation, but I don't think most journal editors
    >> would want it in the final citation.

    RJ> Also, the status of a particular RFC might well change over
    RJ> time.  For example, there is a long standing pattern whereby
    RJ> some RFCs move to "Historic" status over time.  I believe that
    RJ> other examples of status reclassification exist, at least in
    RJ> theory, even if not frequently.

  It's actually relevant.
  It's important to know if you read a ten-year old paper, that at the
time, for instance, IPv6 Site Local addresses were part of the standard.

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