[rfc-i] Using LaTeX & BibTeX to cite RFCs

RJ Atkinson rja at extremenetworks.com
Fri Aug 28 07:59:40 PDT 2009

On  27 Aug 2009, at 21:02, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> Can you send along the BibTeX source formats too, please?

I've just uploaded the TeX and BibTeX files to the same
web site as the PDF file:

> Also, I feel strongly that we should include the ISSN number.

My general thought is that a more complete citation
is preferable.  I see no issue with citing the ISSN.

> What I've been using recently is like this:
> @ARTICLE{rfc4844,
> 	AUTHOR = "{Leslie Daigle (ed.)}",
> 	TITLE = "{The RFC Series and RFC Editor}",
> 	JOURNAL = {Internet RFC 4844, ISSN 2070-1721},
> 	YEAR = {2007}	}
> which after going through the CCR class file ends up as
> [6] Leslie Daigle (ed.). The RFC Series and RFC Editor.
> Internet RFC 4844, ISSN 2070-1721, 2007.

I don't intend to pick nits with your example, but my
preference would be to also include the following fields
in the BIB entry:
	- "MONTH"
	- "DAY" (if available, especially for 1st April RFCs)


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