[rfc-i] Copyrights and the IRTF and Independent Stream

Aaron Falk falk at bbn.com
Fri Aug 14 10:46:02 PDT 2009

Leslie Daigle wrote:
> While I can infer one or several implications from the nicely detailed 
> message below, I find I walk away without an understanding of:  what is 
> the desired usage of Independent (or IRTF or IAB) RFCs; what is the 
> *undesired* usage of them?  I.e., absent a clear target, it seems hard 
> to really evaluate an appropriate copyright vehicle (whether it's driven 
> by or for the Trust or not).
Two targets I have heard expressed for IRTF Stream documents are

    * a) Require attribution for all subsequent usage. From
      draft-irtf-rfcs-03: "This is because research within the IRTF is
      intended to have broad impact and would be encouraged by avoiding
      limitations on the use of the documents.  Also, it is currently
      the common case for non-IETF RFCs."

    * b) Permitting authors to prohibit derivative works.  This has been
      long permitted in independent submission RFCs and it seems
      undesirable to lose the ability to publish in this manner if
      authors desire to do so.  I expect this to be uncommon in the IRTF

Olaf's note reflects these goals.  If there are others, I'm not aware of
them (but would like to be).


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