[rfc-i] RFC Editor Model Version 5 and revised RSE SOW

John C Klensin john+rfc at jck.com
Sun Apr 26 17:07:13 PDT 2009

I can live with that.


--On Monday, April 27, 2009 02:00 +0200 Olaf Kolkman
<olaf at NLnetLabs.nl> wrote:

> On 27 apr 2009, at 01:30, John C Klensin wrote:
>> And, in case it isn't clear, I agree with SM about the cutoff
>> date for the initial population of the RSAG (or whatever it is
>> called).  If things work perfectly, then six months (or
>> whatever) should be no problem, and I have no problem with
>> setting that as a goal.  On  the other hand, if they go badly
>> enough that the system, as conceived today, has to be
>> significantly revised, having to debate whether to shut off
>> the institutional memory at the same time is not in anyone's
>> best interest.
> The model document now reads:
>>    Within one year from the time the RFC Editor function
>>    transitions   to
>>    the new model and after consideration of the operation of
>>    the new model in practice, the interim RSAG and RSE will
>>    formulate a recommendation to the IAB about the regular
>>    composition and   selection
>>    process for the permanent RSAG
> I think that a recommendation at that time to keep the
> situation as-is and re-assess in another year from that point
> would be perfectly fine. But maybe that is just me.
> --Olaf

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