[rfc-i] RESEND: RFC Editor Model Version 5 and revised RSE SOW

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Apr 22 22:27:19 PDT 2009

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Dear Colleagues,

I have updated the RFC Editor model document and introduced the  
concept of the RFC Series Advisor Group(RSAG), as discussed on this  
list under the subject "a possible refinement to draft-iab-rfc-editor- 

The document can be found at:
and the changes between this and the previous version at:

I think I captured the consensus in that the RFC Series Editor has  
been assigned responsibilities for the implementation of,  
identification of issues with, and driving changes of RFC policies.  
All this with the RSAG available as fairly independent, involved, and  
stable source of continuity, and the IAB as clearly asserting its  
oversight responsibility but being at arms-length.

The changes in the model also come with changes in the RFC Editor SOW.  
I have added a PDF and DOC file with the changes compared to the most  
recent IAOC published SOW.

The IAB will need to make a decision next monday. And while the SOW  
can after monday be tweaked to add possible omissions we will need to  
proceed with the next steps.

I realize that there is only a few days left between this publication  
and the decision, but your input is welcome.


doc format: http://www.secret-wg.org/RFC-Series-Editor-SOW-model-5.doc
pdf format: http://www.secret-wg.org/RFC-Series-Editor-SOW-model-5.pdf
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