[rfc-i] Comment on: draft-crocker-rfc-media-00.txt

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Thu Sep 25 11:08:15 PDT 2008

At 07:22 PM 9/24/2008, Dave CROCKER wrote:
>John, et al,
>John C Klensin wrote:
>>I've been waiting to respond to your draft until there was more
>>discussion on the list but, apparently, either the draft or
>>other circumstances killed that discussion.
>I, too, waited to comment on it and see what the reception was.


Your most significant change seems to be to allow multiple image files per 
RFC. We thought about this, and rejected it as too complicated, and too 
confusing, for the possible gain.  Can you cite a case where you think it 
would be important?


Bob Braden

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