[rfc-i] Role of the Editorial Board

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Sep 22 11:30:26 PDT 2008

At 07:01 PM 9/20/2008, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>Hi John,
>A little bit of revisionism on my part, after reading your helpful comments
>I see two roles here - a general Advisory Board role for the RFC series
>as a whole, and a very specific Editorial Board role for the independent
>submissions stream. The former is very specific to the nature of RFCs, and
>the latter is closely analagous to the Editorial Board of an academic
>journal, or the Program Committee of an academic conference.
>I think both of these roles are valuable, and they might even be filled
>by the same people. But they are separate roles, and the proposal as
>circulated by Olaf seems to mix them up, which I think is what was
>bothering me.

So, why don't we just amend the text to note that the organization
has two separate roles, and get on with it!?

Bob Braden

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