[rfc-i] New queue display -- update

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Sep 15 08:59:32 PDT 2008

  *> Changing the XML format is sub-optimal -- my assumption was that it was 
  *> supposed to be stable.


Yes, we apologize for that.  We should supervised the grad student who
developed it more carefully when it was first done.  But we didn't, and
this why we never announced it or put out a xsd for it.  But queue2.xml
now makes sense, and I believe you can expect it to be stable.

EXCEPT: We believe that an advantage of XML is that we can add
*additional* tags in the future; your parser will hopefully ignore
tags it does not understand.  There is other information in our
database that might be of interest to people, and if/when we get a
chance we would like to add it to the XML version.

OTOH, the old, bad queue.xml still exists.  We recommend that you
switch to the new, good queue2.xml, but we are prepared to
continue updating the old, bad one, since running a script on
a cron job is pretty cheap.

  *> So, should people who currently use queue.xml change to the other 
  *> format? Will it be stable?

RFC Editor/bb

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