[rfc-i] New queue display -- update

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat Sep 13 00:09:31 PDT 2008

Bob Braden wrote:
> ...
> The "Publication Queue" link on the main page now points to this new
> page queue2.html.  We have decided to also maintain the original
> queue.html as a stable pooint for screen-scrapers, for the indefinite
> future.
> ...

It probably would be good to tell screen scrapers that they don't need 
to -- that's why there is an XML version.

> Corresponding to the new queue2.html there is also a queue2.xml.  This
> differs from queue.xml in tag changes to more accurately reflect their
> semantics.

Changing the XML format is sub-optimal -- my assumption was that it was 
supposed to be stable.

So, should people who currently use queue.xml change to the other 
format? Will it be stable?

> As always, we are open to suggestions for improvement.

Nit: queue2.html shows quite a few HTML validation errors, starting with 
an unknown charset ("iso-8859"). I understand most people do not care as 
long as it works in browsers, but I think we really should do better 
(and yes, I'm volunteering to help with that).

BR, Julian

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