[rfc-i] New queue display -- update

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Fri Sep 12 10:27:41 PDT 2008

Back on JUly 9 we anounced on the rfc-interest list our intention
of updating the RFC Editor's queue display page. Well, vacation happened,
and IETF happened, and meanwhile I changed my mind about the most useful
page.  It has now stabilized, and the new queue page is again
http://www.rfc-editor.org/queue2.html.  Its major features are:

(1) The grouping of drafts in the queue now reflects the actual
	document streams -- IETF (4 groups), IRTF, IAB, and
	independent submissions.

(2) A search capability will take you right to the draft(s) whose
	queue status you want to know.

(3) It now returns HTTP hyperlinks. not FTP hyperlinks, to Internet
	Draft text.

(4) It has a link to a search engine that returns the RFC Editor state
	change histories of all drafts we have processed since mid 1999.

(5) It shows the current queue statistics that we send weekly to
	the IETF chair, the IAB chair, and the IAD.

The "Publication Queue" link on the main page now points to this new
page queue2.html.  We have decided to also maintain the original
queue.html as a stable pooint for screen-scrapers, for the indefinite

Corresponding to the new queue2.html there is also a queue2.xml.  This
differs from queue.xml in tag changes to more accurately reflect their

As always, we are open to suggestions for improvement.

Bob Braden

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