[rfc-i] RFC Editor structure

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Sep 11 13:35:02 PDT 2008

Hi Olaf,
At 02:16 11-09-2008, Olaf Kolkman wrote:
>(Although we met in person I forgot how your initials expand. Could
>you remind me? ;-) )

I replied off-list. :-)

>During on and off-line suggestions it has been suggested to go into
>more detail about the RFC Editorial boards role and maybe even give it
>explicit responsibilities. However if those responsibilities are
>beyond advisory then the body needs to have a structure by which it is
>being kept accountable.
>Currently, and that is just a choice, the model specifies that the RFC
>Editorial board is being appointed by the Independent submission
>editor, with input from the RFC Editor function. There have been
>suggestions for the board to be self appointing and suggestions for
>the RFC Editor function person being an ex-officio member.

That's one possibility.  As you mentioned above, a structure to make 
that body accountable would be required in such a case.

>As it stands now I would answer this as follows:
>If the IAOC follows the model of contracting the RFC Editor function
>then the RFC Editor is accountable to the IAOC, obviously the IAOC
>would take input from involved parties during evaluation of the

I suggest adding an additional step to seek the assent of the community.

>If there the appointment is through an RFC 4333 like process for
>appointment then the accountability is towards the community through
>the IAB selection process.

That sounds okay if it allows you to hunt down the rare bird you are 
looking for.

The following is not be related to the structure.  It might be good 
to capture the skills and knowledge that goes in the existing and 
future RFC Editor model.  This means documenting the processes and 
tools being used.  If I'm not mistaken, there is a learning curve to 
perform the editing work.


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