[rfc-i] RFC Editor Structure

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 20:28:20 PDT 2008


1. What's the funding model for the "Independent Stream Supervisor"?
That's not a job title that is very inspiring, and if it's a volunteer
position, it would seem very unlikely to me that we'll find reliable
and conscientious individuals willing to do it in the long term.
I don't see it as comparable to an unpaid Editorship of an academic
journal, for example, unless it is described in much more exciting
language. But it also seems hard to justify as a funded service
on its own. "Expenses to support the administrative operation of
the Independent Stream Supervisor selected in this manner would
be part of the IASA budget." Well, that is a very explicit extension
of the scope of IASA beyond IETF activities. I'd want to see a
consensus call on that.

2. Also re the Independent Stream: "...no changes to the Editorial
Board are being proposed." Let's discuss that. I don't like the
current degree of secrecy around the way the EB reviews independent
submissions. Especially if we end up spending IASA money explicitly
for this stream, I'd like to see all EB reviews being made public.
People who want to publish via confidential peer review have lots
of other places to try.

3. I find it hard to see any advantage of making the "RFC Editor"
job independent of the contractor for the "RFC Production" function.
Funding it as a separate activity seems to add cost and complexity
for no particular reason. I think it should just be a part of the
"RFC Production" contract, with some conditions to ensure
responsiveness to the community.

4. I suggest that total efficiency will be greater if the
RFC Publisher function is part of the Secretariat IT service,
which already includes web site support and I-D publication.

5. The responsiblities of the RFC Publisher need to include
maintenance of the various plain text and hyperlinked indexes
currently provided at rfc-editor.org. I believe this strengthens
my previous comment.


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