[rfc-i] rfc errata HTML format

Lars Eggert lars.eggert at nokia.com
Tue Jan 15 23:05:31 PST 2008

On 2008-1-16, at 3:18, ext Alice Hagens wrote:
> For example, the URL
> would of the form http://www.rfc-editor.org/errata_search.php?
> rfc=4918&eid=1234

I'd like to second Julian's suggestion to use a URL format that  
doesn't expose the details of the underlying implementation. (Tell  
your admin to read up on apache URL rewriting.)

In your example, the name of the script handling the search  
(errata_search.php) and the name of its parameters (rfc, eid) are  
exposed, so it'll be difficult to change the underlying implementation  
in the future without changing the URLs.


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