[rfc-i] Some questions about the RFC Editor restructuring plan

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Mon Aug 25 08:55:20 PDT 2008


I have reread the thread and we are at a point where I think a few  
minor details have be addressed, such as changing the name from the  
Independent Stream Approver to the Independent Submission Editor.

I also have the feeling that the overall distribution of tasks within  
the 4 functions of the model is not contentious. At least nobody  
argued against that.

The open issues are mostly doubts about the implementation of the  
model, mostly with respect to the interactions between the various  
functions. In particular there was a question about the instruments  
hat the RFC Editor has to its disposal to assume responsibility of  
over the series in case the production house is not cooperative.

Although I understand the question and its background I am not sure  
wether the model should address those explicitly or not.

One could address that by giving the IAOC some implementation guidance  
(I've suggested some wording in the thread). However the question is  
if that would provide the IAOC with to little maneuvering space.  
Another way to address these issues is by explicitly recognizing that  
all roles (except maybe the publishing house, which is the most  
mechanical of the functions) are subject to some sort of policy  
oversight by the IAB (cf RFC4844 sect 3.4).

I am trying to wear a moderator hat and keep a somewhat neutral stance  
although in all honesty I think that the model as written currently  
allows to address the issues during implementation, where they should  
be addressed.

Please read the archive (starting at: http://mailman.rfc-editor.org/pipermail/rfc-interest/2008-May/000581.html) 
  and weigh in if you have an informed opinion. We need to drive this  
to closure.


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