[rfc-i] Some questions about the RFC Editor restructuring plan

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Fri Aug 8 11:18:25 PDT 2008

  *> IMHO there is only a partial correspondence, because an independent
  *> peer review process is needed only for the Independent Stream. So I
  *> think there is a strong analogy between the "RFC Reviewing Editor"
  *> and an academic editor-in-chief, and between the RFC "Editorial Review
  *> Board" [RFC4846] and an academic editorial board, *but* the analogies


I am trying to understand what you are saying.  Looking at RFC 4846, I
do not find the term "Editorial Review Board".  Am I (or grep ;-))
missing something?

Bob Braden

  *> only apply to the Independent Stream.
  *>     Brian

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