[rfc-i] public email addresses ?

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Thu Nov 15 09:50:52 PST 2007

The RFC Editor is installing a new web-based service for reporting
and verifying errata.  Our first version displayed email addresses
of both reporters and verifiers, for the convenience of others
who want to comment/interact about particular errata.  But we very
quickly found out our mistake; the RFC Editor staff was using
the new system, and within 24 hours we found ourselves
bombarded with spam.

So, what is the recommendation?  Do we have to give up the
transparency and convenience of email addresses in the public
display of errata because of the *&^*&^*&^ spammers?  What
does the tools team do about this?  What is the general rule
for email addresses on IETF web pages?


RFC Editor/bb

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