[rfc-i] Proposed scheme for handling RFC errata

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Wed Aug 29 11:56:28 PDT 2007

  *> But it is not visible to the typical reader of an RFC.  If that
  *> reader needs to know which stream something is in to report an
  *> error, it needs to be more visible and easily accessible to that
  *> reader than I think it has been.

Ah, that is the misunderstanding. S/he doesn't.  S/he only has to know
the RFC number, which we can and will uniquely map into the correct

  *> You are missing nothing.  But there have been circumstances in
  *> the past in which the substance (not just editorial issues) of
  *> something that was AD-sponsored was questioned and the IESG took
  *> a position equivalent to "he sponsored this and he isn't here
  *> any more; not our problem".

That seems to me to be an IESG problem, and there is no other body
that is better qualified to deal with those errata.


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  *> best,
  *>    john

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