[rfc-i] multi-paragraph abstracts in rfc-index.xml

Aaron Falk falk at ISI.EDU
Wed Mar 29 10:15:43 PST 2006

Hi folks-

We've made a change to rfc-index.xml and rfc-index.xsd to allow  
abstracts which are more than one paragraph.  Our solution has the  
effect of changing the xsd and format for all abstracts.   Since I am  
not an XML expert, I've put the file in a temporary location [1] so  
you can poke at it and let us know if it's OK.

Specifically, here's the relevant part of the XSD diff:

<               <xsd:element name="abstract" type="xsd:string"  
 >               <xsd:element name="abstract">
 >                   <xsd:complexType>
 >                     <xsd:sequence>
 >                       <xsd:element name="p" type="xsd:string"  
minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
 >                     </xsd:sequence>
 >                   </xsd:complexType>
 >                 </xsd:element>

and here's a sample multi-para abstract:

<abstract><p>The Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) provides a  
data exchange format for trading purposes while integrating existing  
pure payment protocols seamlessly. This motivates the multiple lay
ered system architecture which consists of at least some generic IOTP  
application core and multiple specific payment modules. </p><p> This  
document addresses a common interface between the IOTP application cor
e and the payment modules, enabling the interoperability between  
these kinds of modules. Furthermore, such an interface provides the  
foundations for a plug-in-mechanism in actual implementations of IOTP  
ation cores. </p><p> Such interfaces exist at the Consumers', the  
Merchants' and the Payment Handlers' installations connecting the  
IOTP application core and the payment software components/legacy  
systems. Thi
s memo provides information for the Internet community. </p></abstract>

[1] files are at

Comments are welcome...


PS.  We are also in search of a good (preferably free) linux-based or  
web-based xml and schema validator.   xmllint for linux doesn't seem  
to support schema and http://apps.gotdotnet.com/xmltools/ 
xsdvalidator/ doesn't like the file size of rfc-index.xml

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