[rfc-i] The page length of the first page in the RFC series

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Tue Jan 17 14:38:31 PST 2006

FYI - a little further experimentation confirmed a suspicion I had.

Both IE and Firefox basically interpret .txt files as if they were
bracketed by the following:

{.txt file here}

Since HTML does not allow ASCII characters 0..31 except for tab/CR/LF,
FFs and the like are not interpreted.

This means that when you print from the browser, they don't exist. Which
means when the browser renders what needs to be printed, they aren't

Overall, this is a two-part problem:

	1- get an application that allows these control characters to
	be in the file, and generates them properly when 'print' is

	2- get a printer driver that can input ASCII and 'do the right
	thing' to the printer

Wordpad generates the right PCL/PS on a ^L in the source file already,
but even the generic/text-only print driver in MS won't copy the ^L to
the output; it inserts carriage returns instead.

You can also use other programs like verypdf's text-to-pdf, which DOES
understand ^Ls, and makes them create new-page breaks in the PDF it
generates. http://www.downloadjunction.com/product/store/21702/index.html


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