[rfc-i] The page length of the first page in the RFC series

Magnus Westerlund magnus.westerlund at ericsson.com
Mon Jan 16 01:17:53 PST 2006

Bob Braden wrote:
>> Okay, however can I expect that this is corrected?
> Well, from one viewpoint it is not a bug.  The bug is in the software
> like that from Microsoft which does not support ASCII Form Feeds.
> We will look into changing it, but it seems likely to require non-standard
> nroff macros, which is a source of the kind of long-term maintenance
> problems we are avoiding by using nroff.
> RFC Editor

Well, I don't see how you can say this is an bug in MS, to me it seems 
to be a bug in the produced RFCs. They don't have the same number of 
lines with text. If you count lines in a text editor the first page of 
an RFC has the form feed character after the 58th line. The following 
pages has this FF after 56 lines (at least in both RFC 3264 and 4098). 
Are you saying that this is an result of my side using MS or the 
RFC-editor running MS?


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