[rfc-i] The page length of the first page in the RFC series

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sun Jan 15 02:42:26 PST 2006

Keith Moore wrote:
> Bob Braden wrote:
>>> Okay, however can I expect that this is corrected?
>> Well, from one viewpoint it is not a bug.  The bug is in the software
>> like that from Microsoft which does not support ASCII Form Feeds.
> my guess is that most windows users try to print RFCs by first viewing 
> them in a web browser, then using the browser to print the document.
> in general, most web browsers (whether by MS or anyone else) don't seem 
> to support FFs when printing TXT documents, probably because they 
> convert the text to HTML before displaying it. until recently there 
> wasn't a good way to say "insert a page break here when printing" in HTML.
> maybe someone can do a survey of web browsers that run on windows to see 
> if any of them has fixed this bug.  (I'd do it but I don't use windows)

I just tested with IE6 and the latest versions of Firefox and Opera, and 
none of them gets this right.

Best regards, Julian

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