[rfc-i] Which English?

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Tue Feb 14 09:56:03 PST 2006

  *> The author instructions currently say
  *> RFCs submitted for publication are required to meet a reasonable
  *>        standard for clear and correct English.
  *> Is there a preference for American or British spelling? I'm working  
  *> with a colleague from the other side of the pond and it would be nice  
  *> to avoid having a mixture of the two :-)

In principle we allow either, as long as it is used consistently.
In practice, we use tools that have a bias towards American spelling,
so practice does not always catch up with principle.

RFC Editor/bb

  *>  From a protocol perspective, American spelling saves bytes, getting  
  *> rid of all those extra 'u's...
  *> Henning
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