[rfc-i] Documents at AUTH48 which have been cleared by all authors

Bill Fenner fenner at research.att.com
Thu Aug 17 10:04:25 PDT 2006

I agree with Pekka that a new state to indicate
"not waiting on authors any more" makes sense.
I've had a fair number of questions from authors
as to why documents were still in auth48 since
they knew that all authors had signed off.

As always, the graphs at
show the dependencies in the RFC Editor queue.
You can follow the arrows to see the indirect
dependencies that Bob mentions.  Documents in
purple are in AUTH or AUTH48 - you can see that
a fair number of the 15 that Bob mentioned are
in a bundle (page 3 right now, but the pages
change every time it's regenerated) dependent on the
PIM-SM spec, etc.

I'm glad to hear that the RFC Editor is planning an AUTH48
tool, since that's been an idea that's been rattling around
my brain too.  Before we have that, though, I think having
a state as Pekka mentions would be useful since it at least
gives the authors the information that they don't need to
do anything more, and it's (probably) a (relatively) lightweight
thing to do before the full-fledged tool is done.


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