[rfc-i] URL checking

wayne wayne at schlitt.net
Thu Oct 20 07:41:42 PDT 2005

In <4356E29F.90501 at isi.edu> Joe Touch <touch at ISI.EDU> writes:

> Documents are referred to by title, authors, and venue (conference name,
> journal name, etc.)
> People can be referred to the same way.
> However, URLs are more like "book 5, row 6, on Joe's office shelf" -
> they don't identify the document, they identify WHERE to get the
> document.

Ugh.  No.

*You* may make up your URLs based on the IP address, block device
number, unit number, and inode, but most people used more abstract
names to classify and organize their documents.  URLs are much closer
to ISBNs than inodes.  Yes, you can use an ISBN to locate a book in a
library, but that is because libraries put books according their

URLs in RFCs are useful and worth checking to make sure there aren't
typos and such in them.  Having additional info about the document is
also useful.


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