[rfc-i] URL checking

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Wed Oct 19 17:19:43 PDT 2005

Keith Moore wrote:
>>> not clear at all.  typing "Keith Moore" into google gives different
>>> results
>>> from one month to the next, whereas typing
>>> http://www.cs.utk.edu/~moore has given consistent results for several
>>> years.
>> I said "largely". We're talking about citations in RFCs; IMO, they
>> should be specific enough anyway, i.e., "Keith Moore UTK", which would
>> probably work just fine. If not, a better citation is in order (Keith
>> Moore University of Kentucky), rather than necessarily needing a URL.
> I think you have it backwards.  The URL is a precise reference.  If it
> resolves to a document, it's highly likely to be the correct document.
> The citation examples you are giving are less precise.  For example, if
> one is referring to a document, title and authors are not sufficient, as
>  it's not unusual for authors to revise a document or rewrite it for a
> different audience but using the same title.  There's a reason that
> print references are generally expected to have precise dates and/or
> volume and page numbers.

Documents are referred to by title, authors, and venue (conference name,
journal name, etc.)

People can be referred to the same way.

However, URLs are more like "book 5, row 6, on Joe's office shelf" -
they don't identify the document, they identify WHERE to get the
document. IMO, if you identify the URL sufficiently (IETF BTNS WG at
IETF 63), you have more than enough information to find it, and a URL is
just a location identifier that WILL change.

> p.s. oh, and FWIW, it's University of Tennessee (Knoxville).

Sorry ;-) (I think I keep misreading it as UKT, and KT as Kentucky, FWIW ;-)


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