[rfc-i] URL checking

Keith Moore moore at cs.utk.edu
Wed Oct 19 06:46:37 PDT 2005

>>A manual test -
>>say, one which checked to see that that URL pointed to something that
>>looked like the document being referenced, would improve the quality
>>of RFCs more than an automatic test.  It's a question of cost-vs-benefit.
> I suspect the cost of manual checking by others is prohibitive - authors
> ought to do those checks.

Authors "ought" to make sure that their documents are perfect in every 
way.  But we still find it valuable to have the RFC Editor look over 
documents and reformat them.

I have no idea about how much this would increase cost of processing 
RFCs.  I do suspect that such checks might delay some documents.  These 
days I keep running into URLs that point to proprietary format files I 
can't read - should those hold up RFC publication until the editor can 
figure out how to read them?

If we make the assumption that the main purpose of such URL checks is to 
guard against transcription/reformatting errors made by the RFC Editor, 
an automatic check is probably sufficient.


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