[rfc-i] New NEWS item on RFC Editor web site

Martin Duerst duerst at it.aoyama.ac.jp
Mon Oct 10 20:46:50 PDT 2005

At 04:55 05/10/07, Carl Malamud wrote:
 >Hi Bob -
 >I'd like to second Thomas Narten's praise ... this is indeed a good change.
 >You know what would be truly great for the publication status stuff?
 >Lots of folks are consuming this type of information via RSS.  I know
 >XML isn't the answer to all things, but was hoping you'd consider a
 >request to make the queue available in RSS.

Very good idea, except for one detail: the IETF should use it's
own feed format, Atom, for publishing, rather than one of the many
RSS variants. See
(in RFC Editor queue).

Regards,    Martin. 

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