[rfc-i] New NEWS item on RFC Editor web site

Thomas Narten narten at us.ibm.com
Thu Oct 6 11:56:48 PDT 2005

Hi Bob.

> 6 October 2005 

>      On September 27, the RFC Editor installed a program to
>      automatically generate the publication queue file daily from our
>      master database. The queue file had been maintained manually,
>      which sometimes led to errors. Our intent in this change was that
>      users should see no differences (except for lack of errors), but
>      of course there were some initial glitches. Please notify us of
>      problems with the new queue.

This seems like a good change!

>      One feature has been added to the queue: each normative reference
>      entry ("REF") now indicates whether the referenced document is in
>      the queue. Our current policy is to not begin editing a document
>      until all its normative references are also in the queue (or
>      already published, of course).  For example, the following partial
>      entry shows a document in the EDIT state with two unpublished
>      Normative references, one of which has not been received by the
>      RFC Editor:

>      2005-03-31      draft-ietf-simple-event-filter-funct-05.txt
>      EDIT
>      REF     draft-ietf-simple-event-list    NOT-RECEIVED
>              draft-ietf-simple-filter-format IN-QUEUE

This is also quite helpful.

Could I suggest one other (seemingly small) change? In the above
example, the simple-event-filter document is actually not being worked
on (yet) and won't be until the NOT-RECIEVED reference becomes
available.  Thus, I think it would be more clear/accurate to give it a
different state name, since it is not actually being actively

Indeed, it would be more clear to have "EDIT" reserved for document
that are actively being worked  on, and use a different name for
documents that are in the queue, but for which processing has not
actually begun.


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