[rfc-i] New NEWS item on RFC Editor web site

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Thu Oct 6 10:50:26 PDT 2005

6 October 2005 

     On September 27, the RFC Editor installed a program to
     automatically generate the publication queue file daily from our
     master database. The queue file had been maintained manually,
     which sometimes led to errors. Our intent in this change was that
     users should see no differences (except for lack of errors), but
     of course there were some initial glitches. Please notify us of
     problems with the new queue.

     One feature has been added to the queue: each normative reference
     entry ("REF") now indicates whether the referenced document is in
     the queue. Our current policy is to not begin editing a document
     until all its normative references are also in the queue (or
     already published, of course).  For example, the following partial
     entry shows a document in the EDIT state with two unpublished
     Normative references, one of which has not been received by the
     RFC Editor:

     2005-03-31      draft-ietf-simple-event-filter-funct-05.txt
     REF     draft-ietf-simple-event-list    NOT-RECEIVED
             draft-ietf-simple-filter-format IN-QUEUE

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