[rfc-i] troff/nroff macros for RFCs and I-Ds, paper sizes, etc.

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Mon Feb 7 11:08:51 PST 2005

I've uploaded a revision to my set of macros for RFCs and I-Ds.
See http://users.erols.com/blilly/formatting/index.html

The document that looks like a draft hasn't yet been submitted
as an update, but I plan to do so in a few days.

Changes in the macros and document since the last version include:

o several bug fixes
o (configurable) widow/orphan control
o floating keeps fixed, but omitted from documentation; floating
  displays added and documented
o Table of Contents formatting cleaned up
o fixed typos in comments
o added optional argument for bulleted lists to specify alternate
  string to use instead of a bullet
o provision to set page size, recto/verso page offsets, top margin
  for troff-formatted documents
o several formatting parameters can be set by command-line
  register settings
o added some examples and formatting tips, description of how to
  progress a document from initial draft to published RFC
o A4 formatted PostScript and PDF documents added to site
o makefile updates to support the above changes

Feedback here or off-list is welcome.

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