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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Mon Apr 18 15:56:38 PDT 2005

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Hi, all,

I have just completed an update to draft-touch-msword-template-v.2.0;
the current version is -01.

This is an update to the Word template from RFC 3285. It
includes a number of changes, including:

    o  redefines basic styles (Normal, Heading1, etc.) rather than
       creating new styles (enables auto-renumbering in outline mode
       when demoting/promoting)

    o  updates boilerplate according to BCP 78 (Mar 2005 version)

    o  uses more conventional methods for autonumbered references and

The template and post-processing code, and Internet Draft describing
this new version are available at:

(the ID should be available on the usual sites shortly).

Comments and input appreciated. The current open issues are:

	- support for named references (e.g., [RFC1234])
		right now, authors can type the reference labels in
		themselves, but there is no easy way to cross-reference
		them; I'm looking into Word's "bookmark" capabilties to
		help here

	- support for XML
		it may be possible to have Word output XML, rather than
		just ASCII text. the current challenge is that this
		appears to require alternate editing interfaces
		(the XML editor, at some point) for authors, and
		it's not clear that this would be more than just an

		is there any notion of minimal XML compliance? further,
		the current XML appears not to take full document
		structure into account, e.g., levels of sections of

Thoughts on how to proceed would be appreciated as well. My current
inclination is to publish this in its current form, which I believe is a
significant increase in capability, and to hold off on XML or named
reference support until they can be understood better.


- ----
Network Working Group                                          J. Touch
Internet Draft                                                  USC/ISI
Expires: October 2005                                    April 18, 2005

                    Version 2.0 Microsoft Word Template
                   for Creating Internet Drafts and RFCs


   This document describes the properties and use of a revised Microsoft
   Word template (.dot) for writing Internet Drafts and RFCs. It updates
   the initial template described in RFC 3285 to more fully support
   Word's outline modes and to be easier to use. This template can be
   direct-printed and direct-viewed, where either is line-for-line
   identical with RFC Editor-compliant ASCII output. This version is
   intended as an update to RFC3285.

   The most recent version of this template and post-processing scripts
   are available at http://www.isi.edu/touch/tools

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