[rfc-i] RFC macros and ABNF formatter updates

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Mon Apr 11 05:20:55 PDT 2005

I mentioned some updates in early March.  Unfortunately, there was a
snafu with the draft update; that has been resolved and the -02
version of draft-lilly-using-troff is now official.  Meanwhile, I've
made additional updates; I believe that the macro package now
conforms to the latest 1id-guidelines and ID-Checklist documents
and incorporates the May 6 rule announced by the IETF Secretariat.
There's an unofficial -03 version of the draft, which I plan to
submit as an official update later this week.

There is a change history in the draft; highlights include summaries of
macros and placement in source documents, HTML 4.01 strict generation of
HTML versions of drafts which preserve presentation of layout and
pagination, more examples.

There are no substantive changes to the ABNF formatter, but the
documentation clarifies differences from the parsed grammar and that in
RFC 2234 and its successor draft (necessitated by reduce/reduce
conflicts and line ending issues in the RFC and draft).

The tools and unofficial draft are available at

Comments here or off-list are welcome.

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