[rfc-i] ABNF (RFC2234)

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Fri Apr 8 14:54:59 PDT 2005

  *> Bruce, if you feel so strongly about it you should send the errata in
  *> yourself.  The process is such that the RFC Editor is then supposed to
  *> ask the authors to confirm the issue.
  *> -Scott-

Here is a proposal.  When 2234bis has been published as RFCwxyz,
we will replace the errata entry for RFC 2234 with something like:

"This RFC is known to have content problems, although there is not
universal agreement on the best fix.  In any case, the known problems
with RFC 2234 have been resolved in RFC wxyz, which obsoletes RFC

Bob Braden

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