[rfc-i] ABNF (RFC2234)

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Tue Apr 5 16:31:47 PDT 2005

>  Date: 2005-04-03 21:17
>  From: Bob Braden <braden at isi.edu>

>   *> Somebody (one of 2234's authors) should probably instruct the RFC Editor
>   *> to elide the "erratum" which purports to change the technical content of
>   *> 2234...
> I must admit to having lost track of this discussion.  Is the above
> statement correct, oh wise people?  If so, will someone tell us exactly
> what to put in the erratum?

My opinion, based on the discussion, but with the caveat that I am
neither one of the RFC's authors nor one of the cognizant Area
Directors, is that there are two parts of the first erratum message
which are objectionable:

1. " / c-wsp"
2. ", possibly multiline"

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