[rfc-i] re: new MS Word template

Dave Crocker dhc2 at dcrocker.net
Sat Nov 6 15:43:29 PST 2004

>  (1) While redefining the basic styles will undoubtedly make things
>  work more smoothly, those types of changes have a tendency to be
>  irreversible.  That is, for those of us who might want to use Word
>  for RFCs but who must use it for many other types of documents
>  according to organizational norms, your redefining basic types is
>  nearly a showstopper.  That certainly argues for "fork" in
>  preference to "revision".

it is quite common to have the same styles re-defined, for different 
types of documents.  

this allows format to be quite independent of document 'tags'.  

hmmm.  i think we've heard of that concept before.

>  (2) I think that, with the advent of Word 2003 and its near-XML
>  output capability the right way to do things going forward
>  probably involves building appropriate style sheets and a Word-MS-
>  XML to RFC 2629bis translator.  

yeah.  that would definitely be nice... for those using recent 
versions of word.

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking
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