[rfc-i] Increasing WG chair role in RFC-editor editing process?

Thomas Narten narten at us.ibm.com
Sun Feb 29 16:23:49 PST 2004

>   *> When a document which is product of a WG is being edited by the RFC 
>   *> editor, any questions/issues/etc. are addressed to the document 
>   *> authors and the shepherding AD.
>   *> 
>   *> My argument is that this list should be the document authors (or 
>   *> editor, whatever's the case), WG chairs, and the shepherding AD.

> This makes good sense to me, and I believe that the RFC Editor would
> welcome such a change that improves communication.

I thought this was already being done, and I have some mail in my
inbox (i.e., from 48 hours notificatoin) that indicates that this is
the case. But maybe there is a lack of consistency?


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