[rfc-i] Increasing WG chair role in RFC-editor editing process?

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Sat Feb 28 22:46:26 PST 2004


This little practicality has hit me as WG chair a couple of times, 
so.. perhas this is just a matter of RFC editor changing its process, 
but if not, this should be another tiny improvement in the process.

When a document which is product of a WG is being edited by the RFC 
editor, any questions/issues/etc. are addressed to the document 
authors and the shepherding AD.

My argument is that this list should be the document authors (or 
editor, whatever's the case), WG chairs, and the shepherding AD.

The AD's job would be just to ensure that WG chairs don't get out of
hand.. and the final check & balance would be at AUTH48, AD approving
that the document hasn't been substantially modified.

This kind of slight "power raise" helps in the scenario where the 
document authors have gone dormant, and are not responding to their 
mails in {days, weeks, months, never}.

Currently either the AD has to take care of these issues, or act as an 
SMTP relay between the RFC editor and the chairs.

Would make sense?

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