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RFC 5205, "Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Domain Name System (DNS) Extensions", April 2008

Note: This RFC has been obsoleted by RFC 8005

Source of RFC: hip (int)

Errata ID: 5510
Status: Reported
Type: Editorial

Reported By: Confidentiality
Date Reported: 2018-09-30

Section 692-632 says:

Ripped from mon itself

parse configuration file

build the following data structures:

      each element of %group is an array of hostnames
       group records are terminated by a blank line in the
       configuration file
 %watch{"group"}->{"service"}->{"variable"} = value

sub read_cf {
KLUDGE: make "strict" shut up
  my(%opt, %alias, 

It should say:

am working at it. 


Lucy at Chromium or Lucid while online. christianity

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