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RFC 6887, "Port Control Protocol (PCP)", April 2013

Source of RFC: pcp (int)

Errata ID: 4255
Status: Rejected
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Ad Steijvers
Date Reported: 2015-02-03
Rejected by: Ted Lemon
Date Rejected: 2015-02-03

Section 11,12 says:


Add (preferable at the start of both section 11 and 12) the actual numerical definition of the OpCode explained in the section.

There is a lot of mentioning of the MAP and PEER opcodes in the document, but nowhere in the text can be found what the actual OpCodes are. Everywhere where the MAP OpCode or PEER OpCode is mentioned is the reader directed to section 11 or 12 respectively, 'where the OpCode is defined'. But in those sections there is no definition of the OpCode.

e.g.: section 7.1, in the field description of a PCP request packet:
"Opcode: A 7-bit value specifying the operation to be performed. MAP
and PEER Opcodes are defined in Sections 11 and 12."

I had to search the internet and found them at:

Where is stated:

Value Description Reference
1 MAP [RFC6887]
2 PEER [RFC6887]

The above three numerical definitions are nowhere to be found in the RFC6887 document and seem quite crucial for correct PCP implementations. Should the OpCodes already be defined in some other RFC document and is the reader expected to know about it, then I'd suggest to put a link to that other RFC document at the start of sections 11 and 12.
The numerical opcodes are defined in section 19.2. I agree that the use of the term "opcode" is confusing, and it would be good to clarify that in a future update to the document, but the erratum as written is not correct.

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