PUB    |    RFC7834    |     draft-ietf-lisp-impact-05.txt

PUB    |    RFC7835    |     draft-ietf-lisp-threats-15.txt

2015-04-21      |    draft-farinacci-lisp-rig-05.txt    |    MISSREF*R(1G)


Authors:  D. Farinacci, A. Jain, I. Kouvelas, D. Lewis

Title:  "LISP-DDT Referral Internet Groper (RIG)"

Bytes: 23423

2015-04-23      |    draft-ietf-lisp-introduction-13.txt    |    MISSREF*R(1G)


Authors:  A. Cabellos-Aparicio, D. Saucez, Ed.

Title:  "An Architectural Introduction to the Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)"

Bytes: 66992

Working Group: Locator/ID Separation Protocol

2016-10-28      |    draft-ietf-lisp-crypto-10.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR*R


  • draft-ietf-lisp-lcaf   RFC-EDITOR

Authors:  D. Farinacci, B. Weis

Title:  "LISP Data-Plane Confidentiality"

Bytes: 44512

Working Group: Locator/ID Separation Protocol

2016-12-02      |    draft-ietf-lisp-lcaf-22.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR

Authors:  D. Farinacci, D. Meyer, J. Snijders

Title:  "LISP Canonical Address Format (LCAF)"

Bytes: 90497

Working Group: Locator/ID Separation Protocol

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