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PUB    RFC5239 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-11.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC5261 draft-ietf-simple-xml-patch-ops-04.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6505 draft-ietf-mediactrl-mixer-control-package-14.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6231 draft-ietf-mediactrl-ivr-control-package-11.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6230 draft-ietf-mediactrl-sip-control-framework-12.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6501 draft-ietf-xcon-common-data-model-32.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6504 draft-ietf-xcon-examples-10.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6503 draft-ietf-xcon-ccmp-15.txt  [C24]

PUB    RFC6502 draft-ietf-xcon-event-package-01.txt  [C24]

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